Long lost Harry Connick Jr. review


Harry Connick Jr.

Ryan and I went to see Harry Connick Jr. back in February and I’m just now getting around to posting my “review.” Fun! Great! Bummer!

The VBC usher was on me tight that night. Everyone else around me was snapping photos of Harry as he sang, told jokes and danced. But as soon as I pointed my camera at him, the lady usher came barreling at me and made me put it down. Ugh! So that’s not my picture. I got it from Flickr’s Creative Commons stash.

Sorry, Harry, it’s such a dumb rule to allow no cameras. Ninety-nine percent of people just want to have photos for their own personal collections. Surely the 1% who use the photos for profit don’t put even a tiny dent in artists’ bank accounts. Meanwhile, the real fans are left with a sour taste and none of their own photographic evidence of having been at the show.

Ah, but sometimes I’m a rulebreaker. And although you can’t see Harry, you can hear him here. I put my iPhone on video and just let it sit on my lap. 🙂 I’m not profiting. I’m just spreading my love for a great singer, entertainer and actor. Love ya, Harry!
The show was terrific. Aside from being a wonderful singer and pianist, Harry is a funny man. He’s a crack-up. He had the audience laughing and dancing and clapping. He sang some of Ryan and my favorites like “Come By Me,” and “We Are in Love” along with some old classics that we ended up really enjoying like “You Are My Sunshine.”

Harry would be a cool person to hang out and have a beer with, trading stories about kids and music and adventures. And maybe catch a Saints game. Right?