Today I am 38


My birthday is today. I didn’t do much, but that’s OK. I took Riley to her MAPping session today at Children’s HEAR Center in Birmingham – all went well there. After we got back to town, we met Ryan at Phil Sandoval’s for an awesome Mexican dinner.

When we got home I was instructed to go to my office and shut the down. I sprawled in the floor and flipped through More magazine and waited. Riley came and got me and I noticed all the lights were out. She made me close my eyes and she led me into the kitchen, where a chocolate cake with chocolate icing was lighted by a 3 and an 8 and two gifts waited. It was very sweet, and the cake was good, too.

I’ve spent the rest of the evening in my pajamas, watching Riley do one-armed cartwheels, watching the Olympics, playing with WordPress plugins, and listening to music and watching videos like this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. And drinking Coke and eating Doritos and Chips Ahoy chocolate chunk cookies.

It’s been a good day. I’m not going to look back at my last birthday and all the things I wanted to do but didn’t. You can read the dirty details in the related posts below. No point in looking back and getting down on myself. I’ll just keep working to get where I want to be. Eventually I’ll get there.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I love my friends!

And what better way to close out my birthday than with a little Jon Bon Jovi and a 16-year-old’s memories? Sweet dreams, y’all …

Winter Olympics & Apolo Anton Ohno


While the Olympics are sports, I’m counting this post as a media post because of all the TV coverage. Hey, it’s my blog, I can categorize it any way I want. 🙂

We’ve been watching the Olympics every day, sometimes watching the same events twice in one day thanks to NBC’s crazy schedule. I’m not quite sure why they’re doing what they’re doing, but I was able to catch short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno‘s medal wins twice. And the second time around was as sweet.

Ohno’s smoothness on the ice is amazing. He’s so calm, cool, collected and crafty. If you’ve ever watched him, you know he’s never out of a race. He can squeeze into a spot that any other skater wouldn’t dare try. Just when it looked like he was going to be out of medal position Saturday night after a slip, he made an incredible comeback from the back of the pack to finish with a bronze in the 1,000. That’s heart and guts. And he never quits.

So far, he’s won two medals – silver in the 1,500-meter and bronze in the 1,000 – and he has two races left, the 500 and the 5,000 relay. He’s won seven medals in his career, making him the most-decorated U.S. Winter Olympian.

Oh, and there was that little TV contest that he won, too: Dancing with the Stars. Proving that Apolo Anton Ohno really as as smooth as ice.

Photo courtesy of / CC BY 2.0