Thanksgiving will be extra extra special


Daddy is home! He was discharged from the hospital yesterday, and Riley and I were there to meet him and Momma when they pulled into the driveway. He’s doing well, but it’s going to take some time to get back in the groove.

And NO CIGARETTES! He’s been without the smokes for 19 days now, so that’s a good start. He started physical therapy today, which will be twice a week and last for four weeks, and a nurse will be by to check on him twice a week. And, of course, Momma is a very capable woman who can take care of anyone.

Not only is Dad home and healing, Michael and Robin are set to have baby No. 2 any day now. Griffin’s actual due date is Sunday, but we’re all hoping he’ll be ready to make his grand entrance before then. Robin had a tough time with Lincoln, who’ll be 3 in December, so we all pray this time will be easier and faster. Unfortunately, they live seven hours away, so we won’t be able to make it for his birth. But I can’t wait to get the phone call!

So we have plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving! And, believe me, we are very thankful!

National Adoption Month


In honor of national adoption month, here’s an article I wrote that appeared in Birmingham Parent, Portland Family and Indy’s Child.


Family Ties: Helping children understand adoption

By Tiffani Hill-Patterson

November – time for raking leaves, enjoying the cool, crisp mornings and giving thanks. November is also National Adoption Month and more than 120,000 families in the United States are especially mindful of their blessings.

Being adopted is just part of who a child is, just like having brown hair or green eyes or being tall or having freckles. Local experts say families of adopted children should strive to teach that awareness.

This guide offers ways to help children understand that adoption isn’t weird or unnatural; it’s just another way of creating a family.

Read more:

Also read my writer friend Meredith’s post at Psychology Today: National Adoption Month: Bittersweet.

Take time to tell your family, in whatever arrangement it is, that you love them!