Warning: 2012 will bring honesty


In 2012, honesty is the word here – I’ll be writing about what’s really on my mind. I’m tired of tiptoeing around because of who might be reading. I’m a grown woman, I’m single, and I’m a writer. I’m going to write about grown-up issues, and the joys and challenges of being mama to the best girl in the world. Besides, it’s easier for me to write about it than talk about it.

2012 To Do List
1. Tell the truth on my blog. Otherwise, why bother?

2. Wear these shoes. Often. Red peep-toe heels

3. Do 10 real pushups. Get off my knees and get it done.

4. Get to Dallas in September for Bamapocalypse II – Alabama vs. Michigan – and finally meet my Roll Bama Roll pals who’ve made the past year easier.

5. Run another 5K. Yes, run. A little walking is fine,
but I aim to run most of the 3.1 miles.


Running my first 5K with my brother Michael

6. Return to a writing routine.
I have a book in me. Somewhere. I want to get it out.

7. Learn to embrace that I’m a woman with wants and needs. It’s natural and normal.

8. Read more books. I have stacks by my bed, on my dressers,
on the bookcase, on my desk that I want to finally read this year.DSC09426

9. Go to church more often. I want Riley to grow up
with faith in God like I did.Peace

10. Take control of my money. Learn what’s worth
spending it on and what’s not. Save accordingly.

11. Expect nothing from anyone except myself. And then expect good.Me

Jam on it …


Body Jam was fun, even if I felt like a bumbling idiot half the time. I finally caught on–at the end. But it was a good way to work up a sweat. And the music was by the original artists…no techno remakes, which I hate in the other classes, which is why I take my iPod anytime I’m at the gym.

I’m meeting my new running partner at 7:30 in the morning for a run. I hope she’s not too disappointed in how slow I am. After our run, I plan to head to the gym for an upper body workout; that way Riley will get a chance to play with some other kids, too.

Today has been pretty good–bought groceries after the gym.

1. Granola bar/2 bottles water–9 a.m.
2. Salad/Diet Mt. Dew–noon
3. Tuna, Wheat Thins/water–2:30
4. Turkey Sloppy Joes, Baked Doritos, 1 Hershey’s dark chocolate kiss/water–5:00
5. Turkey & 2% cheese on whole wheat, 100-calorie Cheese Nips/water–7:30
6. Low-fat chocolate milk–9:00
Vitamin, calcium, CLA

I’ve got to get more veggies in, but it’s hard when I don’t really like them. And I need to cut down on the bread products too. But it’s a start.

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels–or so I’ve heard. 😉