Happy Birthday, Riley!


Riley turned 10 on Monday! I cannot believe I have a 10-year-old. 🙂

She celebrated with a sleepover (the five girls were loud and fun), a Justin Bieber cake, pizza, and ice cream. Her dad and I got her an iPod touch, and she is thrilled. She has already downloaded Angry Birds and Ninja Fruit. And she and I are having a blast with FaceTime. It’s a cool feature from Apple, and I look forward to using it more. She thinks it’s hilarious to FaceTime me when she’s in the kitchen and I’m in the living room.

I love that she is technologically savvy but not too savvy. We keep a close eye on what she sees and hears online and what she plays. She doesn’t know any passwords to buy or download anything. And it’ll be that way for a long time.

When Riley was born, she made my life infinitely better, and my love for her is one that can never be measured.



Jam on it …


Body Jam was fun, even if I felt like a bumbling idiot half the time. I finally caught on–at the end. But it was a good way to work up a sweat. And the music was by the original artists…no techno remakes, which I hate in the other classes, which is why I take my iPod anytime I’m at the gym.

I’m meeting my new running partner at 7:30 in the morning for a run. I hope she’s not too disappointed in how slow I am. After our run, I plan to head to the gym for an upper body workout; that way Riley will get a chance to play with some other kids, too.

Today has been pretty good–bought groceries after the gym.

1. Granola bar/2 bottles water–9 a.m.
2. Salad/Diet Mt. Dew–noon
3. Tuna, Wheat Thins/water–2:30
4. Turkey Sloppy Joes, Baked Doritos, 1 Hershey’s dark chocolate kiss/water–5:00
5. Turkey & 2% cheese on whole wheat, 100-calorie Cheese Nips/water–7:30
6. Low-fat chocolate milk–9:00
Vitamin, calcium, CLA

I’ve got to get more veggies in, but it’s hard when I don’t really like them. And I need to cut down on the bread products too. But it’s a start.

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels–or so I’ve heard. 😉