Halloween was a crazy day …

It started like this with a little pumpkin carving at home:

And ended like this in the waiting room of the critical care unit at the hospital:

My dad has been in the hospital since Halloween when he had an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture, or AAA. Scary stuff … he’s very lucky that he called Momma and listened to her when she told him to call 911. The blood was leaking into his abdominal cavity and was life-threatening. He went through four hours of surgery to put a stent in his aorta and was in the critical care unit for six days.

He’s been up and walking, and Friday they took him off the oxygen and took out the NG tube. He had a couple of popsicles and has been feeling better. Today, the doctors were trying to get his fever down, so that’s a bit of a setback. We’re still hopeful he’ll be coming home soon. And we appreciate all the prayers and good thoughts you can spare.




Happy Halloween!

Riley, umm, I mean, Supergirl has been yelling “trick-or-treat” all day. I keep telling her we have to wait until Papa gets home from his golf game. She’s being rather cooperative.

Steph is supposed to bring Jake and Luke, uh, the Power Rangers over this afternoon for our annual Halloween photo session. Maybe they’ll all smile nice.

I’m working today, so I’ll only be able to trick-or-treat for an hour or so. Ryan will take her out longer if necessary. We’ve got to get her dressed soon and light the jack o’ lanterns we carved Friday night.

Stay out of trouble tonight! Look out for spooks!