Coping with a child’s hearing loss


Ryan, Riley, Tiff at Lullabies on the Links benefit golf tournament

ADVANCE for Audiologists magazine featured my family’s story as part of a series on Maintaining Patient Dignity. The piece is called The Coping Parent:

“In many cases, the parents of hearing-impaired children may need more counseling from their audiologists than the patients themselves.”

The article talks about ways audiologists can make it easier for parents to understand and deal with a diagnosis of hearing loss. And do it without belittling or being condescending toward parents.

Frank Visco, the assistant editor, did a wonderful job telling our story and putting together a slideshow of Riley. He found us through my post Delivering the Diagnosis: Your Child Is Deaf. Please visit the magazine’s site and leave a comment if you enjoyed the article.

Have you ever had a doctor or nurse make you feel like dumb like our first ENT did? How did you handle it? What else can doctors do to help patients’ families cope? Leave me a comment. Thanks!