Music from an ’80s girls perspective …


I’m sitting here watching the AMAs. Right now, Eminem is performing, but I don’t know what he’s talking about. Lots of words being bleeped. So far I’m pretty unimpressed with the whole show. Oh, look it’s 50 Cent in a puffy vest and toboggan. Most of his words are being bleeped, too.

I like Kelly Clarkson and Mary J. Blige, and I was pleasantly surprised that Whitney Houston actually sang. Which is more than can be said for Jennifer Lopez, who didn’t sing but did fall on her bodacious booty. As one Twitterer said, “She fell and the springs in her booty bounced her back up.” I like JLo, but it was still funny.

Also, why can’t they just call Green Day rock? It’s not alternative … it’s rock ‘n’ roll. This subcategorization is getting a little crazy. But I really liked Green Day’s “21 Guns”!

And why don’t these millionaire singers and actors dress better? Lady Gaga I get. That’s her thing. But Fergie? Alicia Keyes? Rihanna? They are beautiful women, but they wear ugly clothes.

Look! There’s Chris Daughtry! He sounded good early in the show, and so did Joey, his drummer. I also enjoyed Keith Urban’s performance.

Maybe I’m just old. I don’t care. I like what I like. And don’t like what I don’t like.

Surprise, surprise. Jay-Z won rap/hip-hop. He’s a smart businessman. “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t,” he said.

Apparently, Adam Lambert’s performance is the be-all, end-all show closer. I can’t believe how popular he is … I don’t like or dislike him. We’ll see if that changes in the next few minutes.

We just put Riley to bed because we’re not exactly sure what this last performance will be like!

Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift.

Adam did nothing for me. Gratuitous bisexual posing, groping, kissing and lots of screaming. It was like he was trying really hard to prove he’s gay and “if you don’t like it, too bad.” I didn’t catch the song for all the “performing.” Oh, and he fell down, too, so JLo is not alone in falling down on the job.

I miss ’80s acts like Bon Jovi, Poison, New Edition, Culture Club …

What did you think?

100 Things


Updated Nov. 15, 2007

1. I’m a writer in a copy editor’s job.
2. I have a widow’s peak.
3. I never thought I’d get married.
4. I did.
5. We celebrated 10 years June 17. (12 years in 2007)
6. I have a wonderful 3-year-old daughter. (She’s now 6!)
7. I married a smart jock.
8. I have had several nicknames–Amazon, Manute, Long Tall Sally …
9. I’m 5’9.
10. I have scarred knees–sports, car wreck.
11. I like my freckles.
12. I majored in Journalism. Univ. of North Alabama
13. I was voted Best School Spirit as senior in high school.
14. I introduced myself to my husband.
15. I like it hot.
16. The weather, that is.
17. Fave meal: pinto beans, cornbread, fried taters, sweet tea.
18. I’m proud to be from the South.
19. I’m not proud of a lot of its past.
20. I thought I’d be a semi-famous writer living in NYC.
21. Well, at least I visited. Saw “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway, and Hulk Hogan at Hard Rock.
22. My hometown has less than 2000 people.
23. Richard Marx was my first concert.
24. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman Brothers was most recent. Update: Daughtry and Velcro Pygmies were my last.
25. I wish I’d sneaked out to go to a Bon Jovi concert when I was 15.
26. I finally got to see them 15 years later. It’s My Life
27. I’ve won a couple journalism awards.
28. I love ’80s music.
29. And oldies.
30. And Harry Connick Jr.
31. And some of today’s artists … Gavin DeGraw, Daughtry, The Killers.
32. I wish I’d kept writing. (I’m writing again … and getting paid to do it.)
33. I’m a Body for Lifer. BFL
34. I wish I could sing.
35. Or play guitar.
36. I love to dance.
37. And sing in my car.
38. Fave movies: “Grease,” “Dirty Dancing,” “The Outsiders.”
39. Disney movies: “Mulan,” “Pocahontas.”
40. I wanted to be a rock star…See # 34.
41. I have 2 crooked toes.
42. I win at Pictionary and Trival Pursuit.
43. I suck at Scrabble.
44. I love Bon Jovi.
45. And Elvis.
46. Fave books: “Traveling Mercies” (Anne Lamott), “I Don’t Know How She Does It” (Allison Pearson), “If You Want to Write (Brenda Ueland)
47. First book I read for pleasure: “Chad and the Elephant Engine” (gift from 2nd-grade teacher)
48. Longest book: “Gone with the Wind,” 1024 pages, Christmas break in sophomore year of high school.
49. Most recent books: “Same Sweet Girls,” “gods in Alabama.” Faster Than Kudzu “2nd Chance” by James Patterson, “Writer Mama” by Christina Katz, “The Department of the Lost and Found” by Allison Winn Scotch.
50. First car: 1987 Honda Accord stick shift
51. First car I ever drove: orange 1964 Ford Falcon
52. Car wrecks: 2; Me Driving: 1; My fault: 0
53. I like to take pictures.
54. I was MVP of my high school volleyball team.
55. And valedictorian of the Class of 1990.
56. I regret not taking that scholarship to UA.
57. But I enjoyed playing softball in junior college.
58. Because it was 2 years’ of free education.
59. Brett Favre is my favorite athlete.
60. I’ve read the whole Bible.
61. I’ve never broken a bone–knock on wood.
62. I loved Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves when I was growing up.
63. I wish we lived at the beach.
64. My daughter is deaf.
65. But she can hear with her cochlear implants. She got her second in April 2007.
66. We go to auditory-verbal therapy once a week.
67. We do at-home therapy every day.
68. Hearing her say “Mommy” and “Papa” and “love you” for the first time was overwhelming.
69. New words are coming every day.
70. She’s fearless.
71. I love flip-flops.
72. I hate sticker grass…ouch!
73. I tried out for cheerleader in high school.
74. Didn’t make it.
75. Thank God!
76. My first beer was in college: Natural Light
77. My most recent was three weeks ago … Corona. (Still most recent.)
78. I had a hangover after just two.
79. My daughter loves Dora.
80. I like “Backyardigans.”
81. Hubby likes “Recess.”
82. Worst movie: “Rocky V.”
83. I’m contemplating a tattoo.
84. So is my mom.
85. My hubby and my brother have two.
86. My dad got his while in the Army.
87. My mom is the kindest person I know.
88. And one of my best friends.
89. Juco English Comp teacher gave me confidence in my writing.
90. I’ve misplaced it, though. (Now, I’ve found it again.)
91. Farthest North I’ve ever been: NYC
92. Farthest South: Captiva Island, Florida
93. Farthest East: NYC
94. Farthest West: Hutchinson, Kansas
95. I have shot a gun. Once. Scary.
96. I’m big on family gatherings.
97. I love Jack’s hamburgers & fries, chocolate ice cream, Hershey bars, Milky Ways.
98. I’m just a small-town girl.
99. I like who I am now, but …
100. It’s never too late to be what I might have been.