Songs that remind me of boys


Music can set the mood, offer motivation, or take you down memory lane. Well, let’s take a stroll through my glorious teenage years when my hair was big, “holding hands meant something,” and these songs played on the radio.

1. Wild Wild West, The Escape Club – 10th-grade crush – He had the bluest eyes, spiked hair, was “so fine,” to use the vernacular of the ’80s, and was a year younger. “I love her eyes and her wild, wild hair” was the lyric, which I, of course, changed to “his eyes and his hair.”

2. Rock Me Amadeus, Falco – 8th-grade crush – I think we sat around singing the song during math class, and he would quote some “Saturday Night Live” joke about “I mean, hey, french toast …” I don’t even know what that was.

3. When It’s Love, Van Halen – Summer-after-my-senior-year fling – He is an actor now, and during the summer of ’90, we hung out when two of his friends were dating my friends. He made me laugh, and he was different from all the boys I knew. It was fun while it lasted. (See also: Epic, Faith No More)

4. Neon Rainbow, Alan Jackson – Senior-year crush – I had the biggest crush on this basketball player. We finally went out, and he promptly fell asleep during the movie on our first date. I like to think it wasn’t me … he was just bored by the Steven Segal movie! I think we went out once more and that was that. Now we’re Facebook friends.

Things seemed much simpler then. But were they really? I think so. What about you?

And what songs remind you of your Teenage Dream?


6 thoughts on “Songs that remind me of boys

  1. Erin

    ROCK Me, Amadeus reminds me of a crush as well….except this crush was on a hot, young 8th grade history teacher. Rock Me, Mr. Micketts.

    Oh, L’Amour – Erasure….10th grade crush…. First car dates! 7 hour phone calls! Good times!

    The Chair – George Strait – 1st and only decent serenade… Cute older guy who was friends with my best friends older brother.

  2. Hmmm… a few that pop into my head.

    Careless Whisper by Wham! – I roller skated with my 6th grade crush while this song played at my best friend’s birthday party. The boy asked my best friend to “go with” him for her birthday but told me it was just for the day and then we’d be boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh- 9th grade crush. The first time he asked me to dance I was wearing a red dress and this song was playing. It was dreamy.

    Every Breath You Take by the Police – Same 9th grade crush. We were cast together in a musical revue and I was given the solo Every Breath You Take. My drama teacher knew I had a major crush on Derek so she changed the song to a duet and cast him opposite me. Unbeknownst to me, she directed him to kiss me at the end of the song because it needed a little “something more”. It was magic.

    Love Bites by Def Leppard – 10th grade crush had started dating my nemesis while continuing to flirt with me.

    Next to You Next to Me by Shenandoah – Senior year crush. He liked country music. I did not. This particular song helped me like country music enough to pretend I was a country music fan as I sang along meaningfully when we’d be driving in his truck.

  3. Wow, y’all make me feel even weirder – I did have a few ‘regular boy’ crushes, but nothing ever came of them. Let’s see. The times I went to dances, I don’t think I ever got asked to dance.

    Um….the very first boy that I felt like I couldn’t live without was Robbie, and we didn’t have a “song”, but these were some of my favorites at the time (which was 7th grade): The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited,” Chicago’s “Love Me Tomorrow,” and since we saw the movie Six Pack and that’s where we met, that Kenny Rogers song, “Love Will Turn You Around” reminded me a lot of him. But you didn’t actually hear that on the radio for more than two or three weeks before it plummeted into obscurity. I crushed on him – hard – that entire year, so I’m sure anything released in the fall of ’82 or spring of ’83 would take me back there.

    The next one was Glenn, and that was my 8th grade crush. Once again, crushed hard, the entire school year. He was a drummer and he liked all the heavy bands, so that’s what got ME into the heavy bands. But since the heavy stuff made me happy, the slower songs that I listened to when I was feeling especially angsty and needing a good cry were: anything slow and sappy off Journey’s “Frontiers,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “Sister Christian,” “Sad Songs Say So Much,” and I could probably go on and on.

    After that, I just gave up, and crushed on rock stars. At least there was a reason they weren’t into me: we’d never met!

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