When is it OK to move on?


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Has it been long enough? It’s been more than a year that I’ve been on my own … which isn’t long at all seeing that I was married for 15 years.

Is it OK to admit that I miss not a specific person but companionship? Having someone to hang out on the couch with, to watch cruddy preseason football with? Or should I pretend that being lonely is just fine?

Is there a timeline for getting back out into the world? Do I want to try it again? Not marriage. Heck, no. Just someone to watch football with, go to a movie, get coffee, catch a concert, have a beer, hang out. Maybe more, maybe less.

I do get lonesome sometimes when Riley isn’t here. The house is so quiet without her energy and joy that I just turn on the Braves while I read or write or unpack all the boxes I packed when I thought I might move.

Of course, I enjoy many aspects of my alone time. If I want to go out with friends, I go. The bathroom counter space and walk-in closet are all mine. I can stay up all night reading. My razors are lasting quite a long time. Obviously, there are some benefits.

Still, though, as the great Bruce said, we all need that human touch. Even me.

7 thoughts on “When is it OK to move on?

  1. Definitely call me whenever Riley’s out, and if I’m not working, we’ll do a girl’s night in. Or a concert, or coffee, or movie. I can totally relate. Bad as things have gotten here, I will really miss somebody just being here.

    FWIW, I think any man would be damn lucky to have you, as a companion, or more or less. I think you’ll have no trouble moving on when you feel the time is right 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing. I go back and forth of wanting to be single to wanting to be married. The grass is always greener….

    Would love to see you at one of our Rocket City Bloggers meetings.

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