Hey, y’all! That’s Southern for welcome


I wish some of you folks who’ve visited my blog would stop in and say hi. I’m fascinated by all the different places that show up in my stats, like these: Brooklyn, NY
Birmingham, AL
Oklahoma City
Fort Worth
Leasburg, Missouri
Rhode Island
Rome, Italy
Little Rock
Manchester, England

Most people seem to be reading about cochlear implants or Joey McIntyre’s work to raise awareness for hearing loss. A few are checking out the music posts.

No matter what you’re reading here, I appreciate your time. And I’d love if you’d introduce yourself, tell me how you found my blog, and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Hey, y’all! That’s Southern for welcome

  1. I admit, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been here, but clicked through from Facebook and now that I’m here I feel compelled to comment! I’ll be the Hawaii location on your stats page. 😉


    Hi, I found your blog through an AGBell´s Tips for parents :how children with CI benefit from playind Sports. We´re Spanish. My daughter is six and bilateral CI user. I´m proud mom of John Tracy Clinic and AVT devoted. English is my second language to open us the doors to the world, give us the chance to meet marvellous people and guide us on our hearing journey. Thank you so much for writing for the world. Myriam&Nerea.

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