Justin Bieber is cute. My girl watching JB? Cute overload!


Last night, Riley’s BFF’s mom and I took the girls (and BFF’s little brother) to see Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never 3D. I went into it expecting your typical cheesy Disney/Nick platitudes and overprocessed pop, and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t any of that.

It was good, and I came out a Justin Bieber fan. Seriously. The kid can sing and he seems to be a good boy. He exudes happiness on the stage, and he appears grateful for his opportunities. I particularly loved Justin’s grandparents, who helped his mom raise him. His grandfather tears up when describing the day his daughter and grandson left Ontario for the U.S. It’s touching.

The best thing about the whole night? Watching my daughter and her friend freak out over this cute little pop star. “Ohmygosh, we can touch him! Ahhhh!” they said when we got to our seats in the theater. The two of them, nodding their heads to the beat, wearing their 3D glasses was a priceless sight.

It reminded me so much of myself in my early days of discovering musicians and music. For me, it was Shaun Cassidy, then Bon Jovi and New Kids on the Block in high school up through today and Amos Lee and Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights.

My friend McLovin said it best via Twitter: Musicians. They start stealing our hearts early and never give it back. They just get new faces.

She is so right.

Rock on, baby girl! Never lose your love for the beat. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Justin Bieber is cute. My girl watching JB? Cute overload!

  1. Stacey Courson

    Girl, you summed it up perfectly. Isn’t it so fun to watch them freak out like we used to do? Both times we have seen Justin Bieber in concert, I have watched them MORE than him. So fun to see our girls have a great time and LOVE music. Jewel is obsessed that he is left handed, and Sophie kept asking me throughout the movie “How much does it cost to meet Justin Bieber?” The movie was cute. Interesting to see how Scooter had to bring in Usher for credibility. All are dancing all the way to the bank. But thankfully seems like he has a grounded, spiritual, albeit young, Momma.

    I predict big things for the Biebs, and I’ll be looking to my right and left to watch my girls enjoy every second. 🙂

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