Bon Jovi 45 and other treasures


When it comes to divorce, it’s about more than a marriage ending. It’s also about splitting up all your stuff! While we’ve taken care of everything in the house, we still need to dig through the boxes of past lives in the attic. So that’s what I was doing when I found this:

Yes. That is a 45 rpm. A record. A vinyl disc with a hole in the middle. You play it on a record player. It cost me $1.63 plus tax at Walmart, probably in 1986.

“Living on a Prayer” was in a box with two old diaries (one from high school, one from junior college), three New Kids on the Block t-shirts (two concert, one fan club), old cassette tapes and VHS videos, old letters (sadly, none about love), high school and college transcripts and other memorabilia.

One of the aforementioned cassette tapes contained some rare gems mined from Top 40 radio back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Like this:

And this:

And my theme song:

I’ve been rocking like it’s 1992 in my truck (the location of the only cassette player I have) on the way to and from work every day. Man, I love these songs … and the memories they bring … before I got serious about a boy, before responsibilities, when the possibilities of life were endless …

Then the tape stops and I’m snapped back to reality. But only until it flips to the other side and I hear this (Dude? Cornrows? Really? SMH):

And this:

Peace out, y’all!

6 thoughts on “Bon Jovi 45 and other treasures

  1. Wow. Where was I when many of these songs came out? I knew the Saigon Kick one. The Klymaxx song confused me, I was too busy trying to stay up with the uber-frequent costume changes!
    Great blast from the past, dude. 🙂

  2. I only remember Electric Boys and Saigon Kick and most definitely Bon Jovi! I still have a crush on Jon and Richie to this day! My hubby and both were ’80’s hair band junkies. He was in a band during those years and I wanted to be a groupie. 😉

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