Focusing on my subjects


Here’s the blogging schedule I’m going to try to keep so I’ll have some focus. If something comes up, I’ll be flexible even if it doesn’t particularly fit the day. Maybe this will help me be more organized and consistent.

Media Mondays (pop culture, writing)

Worth it Wednesdays (cochlear implants/hearing loss/family)

Fitness Fridays (sports, workouts)

3 thoughts on “Focusing on my subjects

  1. I need to try to do focused days as well. Right now things are still too frantic around here for me to get it together, but I’m definitely planning Fitness Friday posts (a blogger named Chelle does these, too 🙂 ). Even though I’ve had my blog up and running for a month now, I still feel like I’m in the settling-in stages.

  2. No, I wouldn’t worry about it….when I asked her if it was a meme or her own concept, she said it’s not, but probably should be. Well, not a meme, but group effort type thing.

    I will actually have to get started with a fitness routine before I can do such blog posts anyway. But she’s so inspiring, with her running and swimming and all. I just want to do yoga and walking, heh.

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