Softball and cochlear implants


Riley as a lefty

It’s time to gear up for softball season again, and once again, Riley will have the same coach. It’s nice that we won’t have to explain about her cochlear implants or that she needs you to use gestures if she’s in the outfield and you want her to move or running the bases and you want her to stop. Even with typical hearing, it’s hard to hear when you’re playing and the crowd is cheering and all the coaches are yelling.

This will be her second year of fast-pitch coach-pitch softball, so we should see some improvement in her hitting. She wasn’t bad last year; it just took her a while to get comfortable and find a zone.

Ryan took her to a friend’s for a little batting practice in the garage, (they have a net and use wiffle balls) and she did well. However, she has now gone from batting lefty to righty. Ryan said she did much better right-handed. Maybe it’s all the Wii we’ve been playing. πŸ™‚ <span style=”font-style:italic;”>(The photo above is before she made the switch. That’s Ryan in the back left, and Big G on tee duty.)</span>

Riley is ready, except for a new batting helmet and cleats, which we’ll probably get this weekend since practices start next week. Games start the end of March. And since I’m not at the newspaper anymore, I won’t have to be in a hurry to get back home to my desk.

Go, Riley!

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