Yes, it’s still football season


I’m still on a high after Alabama’s national championship win. Roll Tide! And I’m loving all the new videos coming out of Tuscaloosa, like the new stadium intro put together by UA Sports.

That’s some good stuff. It feels so good to have my team back on top. I hope Bama can continue “The Process” of getting better and better.

Also I’m still enjoying watching Brett Favre on Sundays. Forty years old and having a career season. He’s not just getting older, he’s getting better. I know lots of people don’t like him – they say he’s a narcissist and always wants to be in control. But isn’t it the quarterback’s job to be in control? Maybe I’m blinded by my love for him, and I’ll admit that, but you can’t deny he’s a helluva football player.

This year he’s taking the sack instead of throwing interceptions. He and receivers Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe are clicking. And defensive end Jared Allen is a beast. I love good, hard-hitting defense, and the Vikings will need it in this game against the Saints and Drew Brees.

And what about the Jets and Colts? Hottie Mark Sanchez vs. Peyton “you can’t turn on the TV without seeing me” Manning. Will the Colts receivers be stranded on Revis Island? Will rookie Sanchez keep his cool against a been-there-done-that defense?

We’ll find out Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s still football season

  1. MC.

    I love Mark Sanchez, but I honestly don't see him running all over the Colts. Who knows though! Stranger things have happened!! I have to say, it's going to be my favorite matchup of the season. Two insanely hot QBs and my favorite two teams… YUM! 🙂

  2. footballisforgirls

    I think you are indeed blinded by Favre love. 🙂 But that's ok, it makes you loyal, and loyalty is always important.I'm so excited for the last 3 games of the year! You really can't go wrong!

  3. Tiffani Hill-Patterson

    I'm so glad I have some girls to talk football with! Y'all have made this season so much more fun. Thanks to you both!

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