Refocusing in the new year


Like the photo above, 2009 was a little out of focus for me. My job underwent several changes, my dad faced serious health issues, and things were just tough. 2010 promises to be interesting and exciting, and I have some focused goals. This is one of my first:

I’m refocusing my blog, basically combining my old blog with this one so I can write about, in one place, all the things I am passionate about: sports, cochlear implants, writing, my family, music and books.

I’m thinking of setting up a schedule where I post about sports/fitness on Mondays, CIs/hearing loss/family on Wednesdays, and writing/music/books/movies on Fridays. But I’ll be flexible. If something comes up and doesn’t quite fit my schedule, I’ll still post about it.

This current mish-mash of topics and sporadic posting is annoying. I’d like to get more readers and become more interactive and give as much as I get out of this blog.

So look for a more defined blog, and if I get off track, feel free to call me on it.

And Roll Tide Roll!

8 thoughts on “Refocusing in the new year

  1. MC.

    I'm trying to write on my blog every day, even if I just post lyrics, or a picture of something I like, or a survey. I am looking forward to getting more interactive with my blog as well and looking forward to reading yours more often! Cheers to 2010!!


    Good idea! Like MC., I'm trying to write on mine every day. I'm going to try my very best to stay positive and focused, and, even if I can't and don't blog about it, envision my life as I'd like it, and see if that can make a difference in how things will go for me this year.I am excited about some of the changes we all have in store this year. It's a great base on which to build an amazing decade!

  3. Ri, the Music Savvy Mom

    Dude, is it something in the water? Me, too!! And, even more than I said in my post the other day…now I'm thinking about making MSM a combo of the others, too. (I'll still have to keep Liam's blog for the Grandparents…)It's just hard trying to compartmentalize my thoughts into three blogs, y'know? They all suffer. So, since we've got that other "thing" cooking for the music…I'll probably make MSM more "just me".Anyway – I totally agree, right on, and Roll Tiffani, Roll! 😀

  4. Jenny

    I think your blog ideas sound great. Like the new look, too!Looking forward to reading more from you in the new year.

  5. footballisforgirls

    I'm excited for all the new info in the blog. I'll probably learn a lot! (I'm making no every day blog promises, though. Ha.)Good luck tonight. 🙂

  6. Tiffani Hill-Patterson

    MC, thanks! I hope I can stick to my plan … mostly!DSB, positive! Woohoo!Ri, we're going to make it all work out … our way. :-)Jenny, thanks! I look forward to hearing about your continued success in 2010!FIFG, thanks for stopping by. I hope I can give you info and entertain you all at once. LOL! Go, Favre!

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