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I’m sitting here watching the AMAs. Right now, Eminem is performing, but I don’t know what he’s talking about. Lots of words being bleeped. So far I’m pretty unimpressed with the whole show. Oh, look it’s 50 Cent in a puffy vest and toboggan. Most of his words are being bleeped, too.

I like Kelly Clarkson and Mary J. Blige, and I was pleasantly surprised that Whitney Houston actually sang. Which is more than can be said for Jennifer Lopez, who didn’t sing but did fall on her bodacious booty. As one Twitterer said, “She fell and the springs in her booty bounced her back up.” I like JLo, but it was still funny.

Also, why can’t they just call Green Day rock? It’s not alternative … it’s rock ‘n’ roll. This subcategorization is getting a little crazy. But I really liked Green Day’s “21 Guns”!

And why don’t these millionaire singers and actors dress better? Lady Gaga I get. That’s her thing. But Fergie? Alicia Keyes? Rihanna? They are beautiful women, but they wear ugly clothes.

Look! There’s Chris Daughtry! He sounded good early in the show, and so did Joey, his drummer. I also enjoyed Keith Urban’s performance.

Maybe I’m just old. I don’t care. I like what I like. And don’t like what I don’t like.

Surprise, surprise. Jay-Z won rap/hip-hop. He’s a smart businessman. “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t,” he said.

Apparently, Adam Lambert’s performance is the be-all, end-all show closer. I can’t believe how popular he is … I don’t like or dislike him. We’ll see if that changes in the next few minutes.

We just put Riley to bed because we’re not exactly sure what this last performance will be like!

Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift.

Adam did nothing for me. Gratuitous bisexual posing, groping, kissing and lots of screaming. It was like he was trying really hard to prove he’s gay and “if you don’t like it, too bad.” I didn’t catch the song for all the “performing.” Oh, and he fell down, too, so JLo is not alone in falling down on the job.

I miss ’80s acts like Bon Jovi, Poison, New Edition, Culture Club …

What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Music from an ’80s girls perspective …

  1. Devilish Southern Belle

    I didn't even watch the AMAs I do like Taylor, Green Day, Daughtry, and Lady Gaga, though. Now I kind of hate that I missed all the falling down and "posing". But then again, I rather enjoy when people make a spectacle of themselves, so maybe that's not so surprising.I've seen the clips of JLo, and Adam. While I don't get anything from Adam's performance, I have a hard time understanding the uproar. Sure, it wasn't appropriate and certainly not for young eyes, but Madonna and other females have been doing the same thing for decades now. His concept wasn't even new.

  2. Tiffani Hill-Patterson

    I don't care whether he's gay. What bugged me about his performance (and the same for the ones you mentioned) was that he was just for shock value. But I guess that show biz, right? LOLI actually like Lambert for just being who he is. Based on what I heard on the AMAs, I'm not a big fan of his singing … all I heard was shrieking.

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