"I’m late! I’m late," said White Rabbit


Riley had a blast at Fantasy Playhouse‘s production of Alice in Wonderland. Below are photos of her with Alice and the Cheshire Cat. The Cat (Laura Price) was so awesomely cat-like in both voice and movement. And Alice (Kailey Looper) was convincing as a scared girl whose anxiety resulted in just a touch of brattiness. 😉 Kailey’s mom is a volunteer at the Playhouse, and she introduced Riley to Kailey after the show. Thanks, Kailey’s mom!

Following are also photos of the Queen of Hearts and her court playing croquet and the Mad Hatter being absolutely maddeningly funny. The whole cast was terrific, and Riley was thrilled to get autographs and pictures after the show.

We can’t wait to see A Christmas Carol, Beauty and The Beast and The Wizard of Oz! If you’ve never been to the Fantasy Playhouse, what are you waiting for?

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  1. jenhaupt

    You're making me long for the days when my teenagers where little and we went to plays like this! Thanks for sharing.

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