Here I Go Again


This is my 16th (give or take a year) try at getting healthy, and while I know I’m ultimately responsible for myself, I’d sure like someone to hold me accountable and remind me to think about what I’m doing.

Are you up for the challenge?

Sunday, Aug. 2 is KICKOFF DAY. I want to make sure I’m fully recovered from my surgery before I start any strenuous activity, but between now and then I will be reining in the eating. This last week has shown me the portions I should be eating: half of the BLTA Croissant at Red Robin, half the Victoria Filet at Outback, water or tea instead of Mountain Dew. I’m already down 2 or 3 pounds just by paying attention to my body. I need to keep it up.

Even though we eat out a lot because of Ryan and my work schedules, we can make healthier choices. Thankfully, Riley is a big fan of salads and fruit, unlike me.

I bought a big filter pitcher today with a spigot for water; I want to cut back on the plastic water bottles and see if we can get our tap water to taste better. Right now we don’t even use our ice maker because the ice makes our drinks taste terrible. I’m not sure how to remedy that, but we can at least filter the water and put it in ice trays for ice.

I’m also getting a nice, pretty aluminum water bottle – maybe if I love the bottle I’ll used it all the time and drink more water. Do you have a favorite?

Planning a workout routine is proving to be the biggest stumbling block. I have to work in a workout, my freelance writing, whatever home/husband/kid stuff needs to be done, and, of course, my regular job, a 2-11 p.m. shift. Obviously, the writing and working out will have to be done in the mornings.

First, I need to set some big goals. No time like the present, right?

Do 10 real pushups
Wear my GAP boyfriend jeans (in my closet since 2007)
Do the Ribbon Run 5K in October
Wear my cute workout tanks/shorts again
Get my calves back into my tall boots without spillage
Carry Riley to bed without giving myself a hernia
Fit into my Bama T-shirts this football season
Outrun 8- and 9-year-olds at softball practice next spring

Now, I need to figure out what kind of program will help me reach these goals. Do I want to do a running program and train for an October 5k? Do I want to do a Body-for-Life plan and focus on fat loss and building muscle? Do I want to try “Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess” again? Or come up with my own program?

What program do you do?
How do you schedule your time?
What keeps you motivated?
Do you reward yourself along the way?

Later this week, I’ll break down my big goals into the steps to take to get me there. Feel free to offer your suggestions. And a little butt-kickin’ would be appreciated, too. I might get a little miffed, but I’ll get over it, I promise.

Here’s to a healthy me!

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5 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

  1. Stephen Granade

    You can get filters for the water line running to your ice maker. They're not too tough to install, and can make a world of difference!

  2. Ri, the Music Savvy Mom

    I'm with you – starting again for the gazillionth time. Don't look at me for workout ideas, though…I'm in the same decision boat.I DO have an opinion about the aluminum water bottles, though! My SIL got Liam a SIGG bottle. They're pretty pricey, so when it came time to get mine, I just picked up a cheap one at BJ's. It LOOKED the same, right? WRONG. There is absolutely NO metal taste in the SIGG…and a definite taste in the cheap one. A case of getting what you pay for, I suppose. They carry the SIGGs at Target now. 🙂 (

  3. FifG

    I've heard if you add strawberries or oranges to a pitcher of water it makes the water tastier.As for the working out, for me the most effective thing is finding one goal that has plannable steps and doing that. I like crossing things off of lists. Training for a run is awesome for that. Oh, and Jillian from Biggest Loser has 20-minute a day workouts, which are neat, too.Good luck with whatever you pick! And I'm glad you're feeling better!

  4. Skwigg

    One day I found mold in my Sigg water bottle (that I thought I'd been cleaning very thoroughly) and that squicked me out so much that I vowed to never again drink water from something I can't see through. I'm a nutty hypochondriac though. :-)My advice is to follow a workout program that you like, something you'll do just because you get a kick out of it. The more you enjoy the experience, the more likely you are to stay with it and get great results. Doing something "effective" that doesn't thrill you isn't actually as effective as having a good time. Find a workout you're excited about.Also, go with something that is flexible and fits your schedule. If your workout involves setting an alarm, driving across town, buying a new wardrobe, paying for missed sessions, stuff like that, it becomes one more stressor in an already maxed-out schedule. The very thing you're doing to be healthy ends up leaving you more frazzled, exhausted and likely to comfort yourself with food. So, keep it fun!

  5. B.o.B.

    Since I have been running for a while now if you need any tips on gearing up for that 5K let me know. I have to work hard everyday to stay in shape so I know how tough it is! I am glad you are kicking off to a healthier, happier you. YOu can do it!

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