15 minutes of fame … sort of


My story on hosting a playdate with a friend with special needs is in this month’s Parenting (School Years).
And my piece on cochlear implants and sports is in the July/August issue of Volta Voices, which should be arriving in my mailbox any day now. I also just got another assignment from VV for its back-to-school issue.

Another national magazine, this one published by a major medical association, is considering a pitch for its fall issue, too. Crossing my fingers that it comes through.

My freelance work is cruising along, and I am grinning and grateful!

2 thoughts on “15 minutes of fame … sort of

  1. Ri. Short for Maria. Not pronounced like the bread.

    Well, I for one am not surprised. You're a fabulous writer, charming, witty and intelligent…not to mention your great taste in friends…;)Congrats! Keep it up, girl.

  2. Devilish Southern Belle

    Congrats again! I think it's awesome your freelancing is doing so well. I just know it is going to lead to more and bigger and better things for you :)It was so awesome having lunch with you today & catching up. We must do it again sometime, without letting so much time pass. I know we're both incredibly busy, but we'll do what we can, right?

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