Dream Dream Dream


So day 2 in DC was awesome – like a dream. I met Jason Castro. And didn’t act like a complete goob. I did forget pretty much everything I wanted to say, but I didn’t completely spaz out. Jason was very nice, looked each person in the eye, was gracious enough to take a pic with me and even read the back of the book I gave him.

In my “I Shot the Sheriff” T-shirt and Castrocopia visor. It was fun … so what?

Jason spots the group of Castrocopians and says, “Cool.”

Jason signs my visor.

Jason reads the back of the book I gave him.

Jason and I smile for the camera.

Jason was great during the concert, too. Here’s video proof:

It was a wonderful day!

One thought on “Dream Dream Dream

  1. devilish southern belle

    I love the pic of you and him! Is he even prettier in person? I probably already asked you. Lucky lady!

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